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This map roughly shows the area of service for JCubed Technology. If you are on the fringes of the red area of the map, please call us at (703) 596-0445, or email us at contact@jcubedtech.com.

Common Issues & FAQ

Below you can find common problems that occur and simple solutions. You can also get some of your questions regarding our business answered.

  • My computer is broken. What can I do before I call JCubed?
  • As simple as it sounds, the most likely cure for your computer issue is to restart your computer. Performing this simple step fixes the vast majority of computer problems, especially what we in the computer business like to call the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). The BSOD, Image courtesy of Wikipedia.orgshown here, is a common issue for Windows XP & Vista users. If you receive this screen more than once after restarting, please contact us.
  • What steps can I take if my computer runs fast, but takes forever to start up?
  • The startup time referred to in this question is defined as the time it takes after you log in before you can perform any actions (opening internet, starting programs, etc.). Increased startup time is usually caused by the programs that load when you turn on your computer. The easiest way to find these is to look at your system tray (to the left of the clock on the taskbar) and view all the icons that appear after logging in. Most of these programs can be set to not boot on startup with a check box in the program's options or preferences, accessed by right-clicking an icon or opening it's main program. The second way to cleanup your system tray is to cleanup your Startup folder. This folder is available by clicking Start --> All Programs --> Startup, then right-click and delete any programs that do not need to start on boot. This process can also be described over the phone, so don't hesitate to call.
  • My computer runs incredibly slow. I have programs that I never use and some I don't even remember downloading! What can I do to speed up my computer?
  • There are many ways to speed up your computer. First is to upgrade your computer with more RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory and speeds enables your computer to run more tasks at once. Although JCubed Technology will not install RAM on your system (for liability reasons), it is still a very effective way to speed up your computer. For five simple ways to speed up your Windows PC without buying hardware, please follow this link: The first 3 steps are the most effective on this page.5 Ways to Speed Up Your PC. If any of these steps seems too complicated, or you don't want to risk removing a potentially important program, don't hesitate to call us as we have much experience with cleaning up computers. Apart from the five steps listed on that page, you can also go to Start --> Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs to see a list of all the programs installed on your computer so that you can uninstall any you no longer use. However, we do not recommend uninstalling programs you don't recognize, as they may be crucial to your system's performance. Note that it may take a while for the list to populate, so please be patient.
  • I just typed an entire paragraph and now I need to move it to another program. Is there an easier way than typing it all over again?
  • Yes there is: it's called "copy and paste" and it requires just a few simple keyboard shortcuts. First highlight the section you want to move using the mouse or keyboard. Then hit the Ctrl button & the "C" button at the same time (Ctrl+C). This has just copied your selection to the clipboard. If you then switch to the program or area to which you want to move your section, you can press Ctrl+V to paste the section.
    For your convenience, we have created a document with many common keyboard shortcuts. You can obtain it now by Keyboard Shortcut Guide
    Adobe Reader/Acrobat File (.pdf)
    clicking here
    . The first page is a quick guide that can be printed and easily folded to carry with you in a wallet or checkbook. The second is a longer, more detailed list of each action that is quite helpful the first time you use a shortcut. If you cannot open the file posted above, Keyboard Shortcut Guide
    Microsoft Word File (.doc)
    click here
    to obtain the file as a Word Document.
  • How can I support JCubed Technology?
  • We're glad you asked. You can now purchase JCubed merchandise to support us online (click on the JCubed Stuff link). We also gladly accept tips. However, the single most helpful thing you can do to help JCubed is pass our name along. As we do not earn enough to justify ads in newspapers and other forms of media, word of mouth is crucial for our venture. If you enjoyed the services rendered by our staff, please help us by spreading the word.

JCubed Technology serves only the Washington D.C. Area. JCubed Technology is not affiliated with any groups or individuals other than those explicitly listed on this website.