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This map roughly shows the area of service for JCubed Technology. If you are on the fringes of the red area of the map, please call us at (703) 596-0445, or email us at contact@jcubedtech.com.

About Us

Jeremy Jeremy began his experience as a programmer in fourth grade when he created his first website. He has continued to teach himself various website programming languages and remains a student of web programming even today. Around the same time, Jeremy began his first video project — a 20 minute sketch show episode. He has designed websites for Dominion Anesthesia, PLLC and Northern Virginia Neurological Associtates. His experiences in solving computer issues in his own family led to the creation of JCubed. Although he is still the devoted Mac user he was born as (and he will try to convert you if he gets the chance), Jeremy is fluent in Windows and is able to solve Windows problems as well as Mac problems.

Jeff Jeff has been working with computers virtually all his life. He began learning how to create webpages in the 5th grade when his interest in computers deeply expanded. Ever since he has been the "go-to guy" for computer issues in his home (a position at times he deeply regrets accepting). He has created a website for Area Access Inc., for which he is now working on an update. This is his first successful entrepreneurial endeavour of many. Jeff attends Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and quite enjoys his attendence there. He specializes in network and wireless router conflicts and is quite proficient in the website languages of HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, as well as Java for general programming. He also fully coded the JCubed Technology website.

Jason Jason Koenig has, like his compatriots above, been using computers for much of his life. He worked initially on Windows, and has experience with wireless networking and printers. He is more involved in the systems programming languages (as contrasted with the web technologies), and has extensive knowledge of web design practices, compatibility, and general web standards. He became addicted to both Linux and Free Software when he enrolled at Thomas Jefferson, as the main computer lab there uses Gentoo Linux.


JCubed Technology serves only the Washington D.C. Area. JCubed Technology is not affiliated with any groups or individuals other than those explicitly listed on this website.